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Friday, March 21, 2008

Letter dated June 3, 1917

Dear Mother – Your letter telling me to cable came tome here and I am very sorry but I might as well try for the moon as to try to send you any word quicker than a letter. We came out to the front lately and have certainly had a lively time since. The first place they sent us to the section had left and it took two days to find it. Then when we did it was in the midst of very lively action and still is. We traveled over most of France looking for it which was very interesting. We have already moved once since the Bosche avions (German aircraft –Ed) chased us from our first site. Our job is now to live a mile or two behind the lines and to up each, each of us, for a day (24 hours) at a time to evacuate the wounded to a hospital. It is certainly thrilling work and all that I hoped for. I go out again in the morning. We are now living at the place I am going to live when I become a millionaire – Remind me to tell you of it some other time. This is not very much of a letter but all I can say now.

Love to every body and the dogs. Paul

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