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Friday, March 21, 2008

Letter dated June 25, 1917

Dear Mother-:

Tomorrow we are going into action again in one of the busiest and hottest sectors on the line. I am very glad of it as this last week of “repos” has gotten to be quite a bore. However I may not get a chance to write again for some time so if you don’t hear from me don’t be worried. All your letters – four of them – came day before yesterday and it certainly was fine to hear from you and all the news from home.

If Elizabeth’s wedding comes off according to schedule get what you can together of what I am apt to acquire in the way of a birthday present and buy her some sort of a wedding present. It doesn’t have to be much as I intend to get her something else when I get where I can buy things again but that will not be until after the first of September at any rate and I would particularly hate to be among the missing at the showdown.

I wrote Nannoo (grandmother) a long letter a couple of days ago and hope she gets it all in good time. The way all your letters here pyramided and then arrived in a bunch was quite remarkable, and I certainly hope that mine do not do the same thing. I will write Carroll (brother) the first time I get a chance and have anything to say and will be always more than glad to hear from him.

The division to which we are attached cleared out this morning and we follow tomorrow. There are big rumors that the Germans are starting something and have to be discouraged. I hope we accomplish our ends and take the Bosches for a good loop but such things aren’t apt to happen much these days.

There is no more now.
With love, Paul

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