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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Letter dated January 11, 1918

Dear Mother –

I haven’t yet broken my record and have yet to remain one place more than two weeks. You will be glad to hear, and I am rather glad myself, that I have been finally sent to school. Practically all the old officers were taken away from the regiment and sent to school to specialize in one branch or another of the finer points of artillery while the officers just over from America will take their places until after the course is ended, which will be quite a little time from now at least tho just how long I don’t know.

We live at the school in a group of little wooden huts on the grounds of the ruined chateau. We are about six in a hut and have a stove which while it is running keeps the temperature at least above 0 but the moment it goes out everything freezes solid. Compared to my last quarters it is not luxurious and I particularly miss my orderly whom I had to leave behind. However the work is much easier than it was with the regiment so there are some compensations. Just before I left we had maneuvers for several days in the snow and I nearly froze to death. That however was an improvement on the last day when we started at 4:30 a.m. and did not get back till after dark and for the whole time it did not stop raining for one single second. Several of the horses got pneumonia but luckily only a couple of the men. C’est la guerre tho and now the maneuvers are over.

You would think from this paper (American Y.M.C.A. stationery) that I was really doing something but the Y.M.C.A. is the only really warm place in town and in that way alone does any amount of good.

This is about all now but I will write some more tomorrow.
Good bye with love, Paul

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