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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Letter undated, some time in late October, 1917


Dear Mother -:

I met Billy Seward on the street today and find that he is going to America by way of England tomorrow. I now have about ten minutes to get everything ready for him to take to you from me.

The first package I gave to Penn to take home but he hasn’t arrived and I understand will stay in England. This one I hope will have better luck. In it there are two (illegible) not as nice as the last ones I sent, a package of photographs of practically all the places I have been and a bible which I picked up in a place the Germans had left rather hurriedly. I wish I had time to continue writing and explain everything. I am writing you a very long letter, a regular book, which when it is finished I will send. As you know I have received my commission and expect to go out very soon to Saumur or Fontainebleau to train for a while as an artillery officer. The chances look just at present wonderfully good both promotion and coming to America within a very few months. This all I have time for now. Good bye.

With love Paul

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