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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Letter dated September 1, 1917

Dear Papa- :

I found your letter at Morgan Harjes yesterday and was very glad to hear from you. I am going to make a try at telling you where I am going and have been tho it will be probably like the other attempts a failure since you have no idea and I have written about it several times.

We have spent the summer on what is known as the Chemin des Dames, which is that section of the front between Craonne and Moulin Lafeulx. At one time we lived at a place called Nailly and worked in front of that – at another time we were in front of Ferme Hurtebise and lived at a place called Villers en Prayes which is on the map near Fismes. In fact if you look anywhere along that line you will find towns that we have worked in or lived in. The Chemin des Dames itself is a road leading from Craonne to the left along a ridge and has been and still is between the French and Geman lines.

Good bye with love, Paul

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